WhatsApp is preparing two-step verification

10 Nov

WhatsApp is preparing two-step verification

The two-step verification of the WhatsApp application, announced several months ago, has just appeared in its beta. The new feature is available for Android only.

Several months ago, WhatsApp announced a significant increase in user account security and introduced a two-step verification process. It seems that the work on the new feature is coming to an end, as it has just been released in the latest beta of the communicator that is available for Android.

The feature is not enabled by default, so you will need to enter the application options and manually activate it to use it. This process requires that a six-digit code be established in advance, which will each be used to log in to the application along with the phone number. The user must also provide a valid e-mail address for the new code to be sent in case it needs to be reset.

The new feature should significantly increase the level of application security by preventing unauthorized access to our account.

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Lloyd Bowman