University of Calgary is another victim of ransomware

12 May

University of Calgary is another victim of ransomware

Until recently, ransomware was mainly used for attacks on companies and private users, but attackers rarely paid ransom for unlocking files. Hackers have specialized in attacks on other targets, which have no way out, will gladly meet the demands of criminals.

Ransomware is still the biggest threat in the network, but for ordinary users, it is not as big a threat as for budget units. Cybercriminals are well aware that ordinary users will not pay a penny for unlocking files, as they can use the backup at all times.

Otherwise hospitals, police stations, or schools that often neglect the need for archiving because of the large amount of data, and their security is usually very weak and easy to overcome. As reported by the media, another ransomware victim fell to the Canadian University of Calgary.

Cybercriminals infected university computers and ransomed the data with ransom. For 10 days the IT team tried to cope with the problem, but they were unable to do so, so the school's management decided to pay the criminals a ransom of $ 16,000. The file decryption process will take some time, as it must be handled very carefully, and there is no guarantee that all data will be recovered.

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Lloyd Bowman