Project Ara with modified android l

12 May

Project Ara with modified android l

Work on a modular smartphone project called Project Ara follows the plan and the device, which can be assembled from blocks, should hit store shelves next year. We have now learned that it will receive a specially modified version of Android L that works with interchangeable modules.

Project Ara is the realization of the idea we have been waiting for years. This is a modular smartphone that can be freely exchanged, thus matching the device to your specific needs. As modules are supposed to be hot-swapable, so it's exchangeable without shutting down the device, the operating system needs to be modified accordingly, and as Palu Eremenko of Google says, that's going to happen.

Android L on which the Project Ara works, with the help of Linaro will be changed accordingly so that there is no problem replacing the components. Naturally, this option will have some limitations, so it is impossible to replace the processor or screen.

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Lloyd Bowman