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10 Jan

Ski Airbag Vest protects the body of skiers

Skiing can be dangerous. On the slopes high speed is achieved, and then fall or fall into another skier may end up with serious injuries. In order to protect them from winter sports, In & Motion developed a product called Ski Airbag Vest.

The Ski Airbag Vest is a ski jacket designed to be fitted with airbags, such as those installed in cars, but with a slightly different design. The cushion in case of impact is inflated over the entire surface of the vest, carefully protecting against the torso of the skier, and thus its internal organs.

The vest is powered by a battery-powered gyro, which is plugged into a module located on its back. The device is then connected to a small gas filled cylinder that is activated when the algorithm detects a sudden fall. At this moment, the gas is released, which blasts the air cushions rapidly.…

3 Jan

Verizon will not buy yahoo?

The media reports that Verizon may resign from buying the US Yahoo portal. The reason for this decision is the message of further hacking into the company's servers and stealing data from over one billion users.

Several years ago, Yahoo was a giant on the Internet market, whose position was much stronger than its rivals. The years of erroneous decisions have made it, however, that this profitable portal is today only a shadow of the old power, and its owners are now looking for a company interested in purchasing it.

In July of this year's intention to acquire Yahoo announced the company Verizom, which offered him $ 4.83 billion. In September, however, it was revealed that several years ago, as a result of the hacker attack, the portal lost more than 500 million users, significantly lowering its bargaining position in the negotiations. Verizon used this fact and reduced its offer to billions of dollars.

A few days ago, however, it was confirmed that there was another hack into Yahoo servers, which this time the data was stolen more than a billion users. This completely changes the form of things and it is not known if Verizon will still be interested in buying a portal that makes such mistakes.

Bloomberg News reports that the board of directors of Verizon has decided to rethink the whole case. It can not be ruled out that the incident will be used to reduce the offer again or to completely withdraw from the purchase of the portal.…

27 Dec

Personalized helmets for athletes

Riddell has introduced a new helmet technology for American football players. The Precision-Fit system allows individual adjustment to the anatomical features of the athlete.

American football is one of the most dangerous sports in which injuries are very common and the most vulnerable is the head. Although riders wear helmets, but unfortunately they are universal accessories that are not able to protect it perfectly because of poor fit.

The Riddell company has developed a new technology for the production of such helmets, which makes it possible to individually tailor them to the head shape of a particular rider. The technology is called Precision-Fit and uses special scanners to create a three-dimensional model of the athlete's head, taking into account its size and shape.

Then, based on the collected data, a helmet that fits perfectly with the competitor's personal preferences is used with the 3D printer. Thanks to that, the head does not move during the athlete's sudden movements and is better protected against shocks.…

3 Dec

The Japanese want to build a space elevator

Cosmic elevators we have encountered so far in sci-fi novels, however, the Japanese company Obayashi, is going to move this remarkable structure to the real world and plan to build it.

Construction of the space elevator has been mentioned for many years, but implementation of this project is not possible at present due to lack of appropriate technology. However, if such a thing could be created, it would bring many benefits, reducing the cost of transporting goods and people to orbit, while allowing for the construction of orbital shipyards from which space ships would travel.

So far, the idea has remained only in the sphere of dreams, but the Japanese company Obayashi wants to realize this venture and believes it will be possible to do so by 2050. Tokyo Skytree says the total length of the elevator will be 96,000 km, and at the other end, a counterweight will be installed to keep the cable under proper stress. However, at the height of 36,000 km would be the end station.

The system would be operated by robotic wagon powered by magnetic linear motors capable of carrying up to 30 people. However, the journey to orbit would last about 7 days, so this car would actually have to be a well-equipped hotel to provide passengers with the right level of comfort.

Yoji Ishikawa, head of Obayashi's scientific department, says that the project would be possible thanks to carbon nanotechnology that would allow fibers to be about 100 times stronger than steel cables. At the moment, however, the construction of such a long cable is not possible because in the laboratories it is possible to create nanotubes of only 3 cm in length. Ishikawa, however, believes that it should be possible by 2030.…

15 Nov

Flying camera for continuous recording

Vloggers and all kinds of internet journalists have received another tool that will make their work easier. The Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics has created a device called Hover, which is a dron equipped with a video camera, whose function is filming the owner all the time.

Hover is a small, fully autonomous dron of a simple truss construction, in which four electric powered rotors are placed.

Its central part is all electronic unmanned electronics as well as a 13 megapixel 4K video camera. Equipped with the company's electronic image stabilization system, eliminating shocks from the movement of the device. The camera also has a body and face recognition system, and because the dron follows the user, it can perform panoramic spherical recording.

Hover has a number of programmed features that make it easy to pilot, so people who have never dealt with such equipment will be able to handle it.…

10 Nov

WhatsApp is preparing two-step verification

The two-step verification of the WhatsApp application, announced several months ago, has just appeared in its beta. The new feature is available for Android only.

Several months ago, WhatsApp announced a significant increase in user account security and introduced a two-step verification process. It seems that the work on the new feature is coming to an end, as it has just been released in the latest beta of the communicator that is available for Android.

The feature is not enabled by default, so you will need to enter the application options and manually activate it to use it. This process requires that a six-digit code be established in advance, which will each be used to log in to the application along with the phone number. The user must also provide a valid e-mail address for the new code to be sent in case it needs to be reset.

The new feature should significantly increase the level of application security by preventing unauthorized access to our account.…