LG smart refrigerators with Smart Diagnosis and door functions

5 May

LG smart refrigerators with Smart Diagnosis and door functions

Smart Diagnosis - intelligent diagnostics using the phone

LG refrigerators are distinguished by their unique Smart Diagnosis function. Upon any fault, the user contacts the special hotline number and applies any phone to the Smart Diagnosis icon on the device. Just open the refrigerator door and press the button, and the signal generated by the refrigerator will be read by a consultant on the hotline who will provide the necessary advice and tips on how to eliminate the problem. This technology limits expensive, inconvenient service requests and home visits. We can diagnose the blunders by ourselves, by downloading the appropriate application to your smartphone.

Door in the door, ie easy access to products

Door-in-Door (LGBT) from LG is a family-friendly system that allows users to quickly and conveniently access the most used products without having to open the entire refrigerator door. This feature is so important that it dramatically reduces the loss of cold air - as much as 41 percent. Compared to the opening of the whole door, so cooling works better and the food stays longer fresh. Door-in-door can also be useful for typical occasional events, where it will be perfect as a mini-bar.

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Energy consumption below the standard

Thanks to LG's innovative engine technology, bottom-freezers and Total No Frost deliver 10% less energy than the required A +++ power class for the first time. The increased energy efficiency of the linear compressor results from reduced internal friction and more precise cooling control. Thanks to this, the energy efficiency of the device is increased by as much as 36 percent

Always fresh

Using the Pure N Fresh function, a thin carbon filter reduces the presence of unpleasant odors that often accompany some products. Pure N Fresh also circulates clean air from the environment with the help of a built-in fan and keeps the optimum conditions inside the refrigerator. This system passes purified air through special ducts so that the food stays fresh longer than when stored in a conventional refrigerator.

Easy Storage System

The intelligent food storage system allows for easier separation of products according to their storage requirements and helps to customize the interior of the refrigerator to suit individual needs. The fridge in a special Moving Ice Tray drawer further enhanced its ability to adapt to the user. Removable Moving Ice Tray can be quickly moved or removed from the refrigerator whenever you need more space in the freezer.

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Fresh 0 Zone Technology

Fresh 0 Zone from LG is a special, cooler, closed chamber that minimizes temperature fluctuations, allowing you to extend the freshness of your products. They are cooled to a temperature of about 0, -1 degrees which is ideal for meat and fish even after thawing. In addition, the Multi Air Flow function distributes evenly and multitasking cold air evenly in the refrigerator so that cooling at any place of the refrigerator is equally effective.

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