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31 Jan

Anonymous speak war to the donald trump

American billionaire Donald Trump, who was currently in the running for the presidency of the United States, has repeatedly sparked controversy and aroused hatred among various social groups. The clusters of his sworn enemies have been enriched by Anonymous. The Heckler's Collective has already had the racist and xenophobic utterances of the billionaire whose exuberant Read more
17 Jan

Apple CarPlay has come to the Volvo XC90

The Apple CarPlay system is now available to owners of the latest Volvo XC90 and every owner of this luxury SUV can make life easier by installing a system that provides full integration with Apple's smartphones. Unfortunately, this pleasure is not free and requires a large subsidy. Many manufacturers have standard Apple CarPlay or Android Read more
10 Jan
3 Jan

Verizon will not buy yahoo?

The media reports that Verizon may resign from buying the US Yahoo portal. The reason for this decision is the message of further hacking into the company's servers and stealing data from over one billion users. Several years ago, Yahoo was a giant on the Internet market, whose position was much stronger than its rivals. Read more
27 Dec

Personalized helmets for athletes

Riddell has introduced a new helmet technology for American football players. The Precision-Fit system allows individual adjustment to the anatomical features of the athlete. American football is one of the most dangerous sports in which injuries are very common and the most vulnerable is the head. Although riders wear helmets, but unfortunately they are universal Read more
3 Dec

The Japanese want to build a space elevator

Cosmic elevators we have encountered so far in sci-fi novels, however, the Japanese company Obayashi, is going to move this remarkable structure to the real world and plan to build it. Construction of the space elevator has been mentioned for many years, but implementation of this project is not possible at present due to lack Read more
15 Nov

Flying camera for continuous recording

Vloggers and all kinds of internet journalists have received another tool that will make their work easier. The Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics has created a device called Hover, which is a dron equipped with a video camera, whose function is filming the owner all the time. Hover is a small, fully autonomous dron of Read more
10 Nov

WhatsApp is preparing two-step verification

The two-step verification of the WhatsApp application, announced several months ago, has just appeared in its beta. The new feature is available for Android only. Several months ago, WhatsApp announced a significant increase in user account security and introduced a two-step verification process. It seems that the work on the new feature is coming to Read more