Apple CarPlay has come to the Volvo XC90

17 Jan

Apple CarPlay has come to the Volvo XC90

The Apple CarPlay system is now available to owners of the latest Volvo XC90 and every owner of this luxury SUV can make life easier by installing a system that provides full integration with Apple's smartphones. Unfortunately, this pleasure is not free and requires a large subsidy.

Many manufacturers have standard Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Volvo in its latest model XC90 did not want to share CarPlay from the start, as the Swedish company's engineers had to first see how Apple's technology would work with its infotainment system called Sensus.

When it turned out that everything was in order, the owners of the car started to share the software. Unfortunately, this is not a free service. Although the Volvo XC90 has its own cellular modem, the update has to be in the dealer's lounge and the US market costs as much as $ 300.